Simple and easy to operate, this stump grinder features cutting teeth on both sides to effectively grind down tree stumps. This attachment has a responsive suspension system to prevent overloading.

Bars signify how well this attachment clears each type of vegetation.




Grinds any size stump below ground level

Cut Width

Available in 24″ (609mm) and 26″ (660mm) cutting width


Configures with both standard-flow and high-flow hydraulic machines


Attaches and detaches easily to your skid-steer / compact track loader to add versatility and productivity to your existing asset

Heavy-Duty Grinding Wheel

Ideal for large stump clearing operations.

  • 1″ (25mm) thick heavy-duty wheel for smooth cutting
  • Dual-direction cutting with carbide teeth on both sides of the wheel for increased productivity
  • Available in 24in (609mm) and 26″ (660mm) cutting width to match perfectly with standard-flow or high-flow options

Cut, Shred, and Mulch Material

Utilizes just one style of tooth for simple care and maintenance.

  • 24 / 30 carbide teeth slice smoothly through tough material and resist impact and abrasion
  • Teeth can be easily rotated 180º to increase life and efficiency

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