The Drum Mulcher DC Pro X is ideal for turning brush and trees into a fine mulch for quick decomposition. It is ideal for operating near homes, buildings and roads.

Bars signify how well this attachment clears each type of vegetation.




Mulches up to 9″ (229mm) diameter trees or brush

Cut Width

Available in 60″ (1524mm) and  72″ (1829mm) cutting width


Configures with standard flow or high-flow hydraulic machines


Attaches and detaches easily to your skid-steer / compact track loader to add versatility and productivity to your existing asset

Powerful Mulching Drum

Drum mulchers get their name from the cylindrical, drum-like shape. These heavy-duty land clearing mulchers attach to skid loaders and shred small trees and brush with a forward spinning motion — a quality that makes them great options for quick brush and undergrowth removal.

  • Proprietary helical tooth pattern modeled after a vacuum brush to feed material efficiently toward the center of the drum
  • 2-Speed Variable Displacement Piston Motor protected within low profile frame for maximum productivity and visibility
  • Drum shell shaped to mulch material effectively
  • Depth control rings to control bite size


FOUR-POINT HARDENED STEEL TEETH act like an axe to slice material for the most productive cut. The more aggressive design allows you to grab and pull in material more effectively. These teeth can be sharpened and rotated to increase efficiency and productivity, as well as lengthen tooth life.

This is most ideal for:
– Limited ground contact
– Finer mulch
– High-production environments
– Softer soils

TWIN CHISEL® PLANER TEETH are truly the best of both worlds for productivity and easy maintenance. Made out of hardened steel, our design allows you to quickly sharpen the cutting edge to maintain maximum productivity. Additionally, the Twin Chisel® can be easily rotated, allowing a longer life.

This is most ideal for:
– Intermittent ground contact
– Quick and easy maintenance
– High-production environments
– Softer soils

TWIN MAUL® CARBIDE TEETH have a tooth life 3-to-5 times longer than steel, and require no maintenance. Designed to withstand abrasion and extreme ground contact, our virgin, domestically-sourced carbide is the finest available. Ideal for rocky terrain and high fire-danger areas.

This option is ideal for:
– Rocky terrain
– Rental fleets
– Fire-danger areas
– Less maintenance

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