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Your Neighborhood Dealership

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Family owned and operated since 1948, Bartron Supply, Inc. of Wyoming County offers agricultural, lawn/garden, & power equipment from the best names in the industry! Known as Northeast PA’s John Deere Dealer for decades, Bartron Supply also offers you Husqvarna handheld products; Bobcat Skidsteers, Loaders, & Excavators, along with Honda Power Equipment. Ever since Stark Bartron, Sr. sold his first tractor that summer, generations of Northeast PA farmers, land owners, home owners, contractors and other businesses have trusted Bartron Supply for their equipment needs. A lot has changed over the decades yet Bartron Supply remains committed to offering the best prices with a level of service that is unparalleled in NEPA. Bartron Supply values their customers and proves it every day.  Bartron Supply on Route 92 South in Tunkhannock offers the Endless Mountains, Northeast PA and the Southern Tier of New York a 10,000 square foot showroom. Come explore a complete selection of options for your lawn & garden, your commercial equipment, and agricultural equipment needs as well as All-Terrain fun! Serving Northeast PA with a wide selection of agricultural, commercial and residential equipment: John Deere Honda Power Equipment Husqvarna Bobcat



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